Ameropa is 30 years YOUNG!



Ameropa is 30 years YOUNG!

Please, come back to Prague with fully refreshing Memories of:
MUSIC, Thougeseness, Eventness, Sadness and Happiness.. We all – still remember!
This special year we are going to play and listen Mostly TRIOS (30’s!), and smaller ensembles. 
So of course very much open to our Memorable  Sextets (Schoenberg), Quintets (Dvořák), Quartets (Brahms),
Trios (Shostakovich) and MANY  other old – and young  in heart – FRIENDS…

In addition, this year, 2024 we are also celebrating B. Smetana’s 200 anniversary with his chamber music and not only …!

Amerasians, Americanians, Europeans – we are all AMEROPEANS IN PRAGUE this year!

Welcome back to Celebrating our  30th year!

Globally – musically yours, 

Vadim Mazo

Founder and Artistic Director