Chamber Music Academy

Orchestral Academy

Program Overview

Sunday, July 25th to Sunday, August 8th, 2021

During the day, students will be rehearsing and practicing at the Jan Hanus Music School, just a few minutes away from Prague Castle.

Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony will take place on Sunday, July 25th at 3 pm in the Concert Hall of the Jan Hanuš Music School.

Chamber and Orchestral Concerts

Concerts will take place at some of the most prestigious concert halls in Prague, including the Brevnov Monastery and St. Agnes Convent, in collaboration with the international music festival, Prague, Classics..

Chamber Music Academy

Each chamber music ensemble will be assigned a coach, who will either lead them through rehearsals or even play and perform with them during the festival and at concerts.

For students to be successful, it is important to practice their chamber music parts before attending the academy.  That way, they will be able to focus on playing as an ensemble and the more artistic aspects of music making.

Price and what is included?

All students will participate in some form of chamber music. Depending on their age and level of playing, one
can choose between a more or less intensive program. Most players are placed in more than one ensemble (string quartets, quintets, sextets;
piano trios, quartets, quintets; woodwind quintets; mixed ensembles with strings, winds, piano, harp, even including vocal).


Chamber program price, Sunday, July 19 – Sunday, August 2
(accommodation till Monday, August 3) is 1495€.

Orchestral Academy

Participants in the Orchestral Academy will get a chance to play alongside professional Czech musicians, rehearsing and performing professional-level repertoire.

Students will be given the music beforehand and will participate in sectional rehearsals, ensuring that each musician has the same bowing, fingerings, and phrasing.

About the Orchestral Academy

There will be several professional players from the Czech Philharmonic and other orchestras who will lead the sections and offer sectional rehearsals. It provides a fascinating insight for participants who come from other countries to play, perform, and practice Czech and European orchestral music alongside experienced Czech professional musicians.


If one chooses to participate in this program, they can have a mix of orchestra and a smaller amount of chamber music (so called “mixed studying program”) during the second week. Ameropa participants who will choose to play in the orchestra, will have the possibility to read and prepare their parts during the first week in some common rehearsals.


You may combine chamber music during the first week and choose a mix of chamber music and orchestra during the second week. The price of the combined programs is the same as the chamber music academy.