Kris Dai

1.Personal Profile  Kris Dai:the investor of Qiyi Business Information Consulting company, the  founder of Love String Horizon Cultural Media Co.Ltd.

2: Career experience: In1989,Kris began to study the violin under Shixiang Zhang(a famous violin educator),Professor Jiaji Min and Professor Anna Kandinsky from Vienna. In2003,Kris won the second prize in the national violin competition. In 2006,Kris got the sixth place in the international Chamber Music Competition. In 2014, Kris won the first prize in Hongkong International Violin Competition

3: Invited  International Music Festival. In 2019,invited  from  the city government of Pescia in Italy, Kris attended the Puccini Music Festival as a Soloist,held two solo concerts successfully ,and was awarded the title of Sino Italian Cultural Ambassador.        

4: Invited Domestic Music Festival  In August 7 2021, invited from Future Master Music Festival held by Shanghai Oriental Art Center Management Co. Ltd, Kris played Complete Collection of Brahms Violin and Piano sonata.