How to Apply​​​

Depending on the state of international travel and governmental restrictions, we are waiting until May 31st to make the final decision whether the 28th Ameropa International Music Academy will be held in-person or online.

We are currently taking applications for the festival, but will email you later with the exact details once we know more.  If the festival must go online, we may offer students online lessons as well as the opportunity to perform during some of the streamed concerts.

Included in the price, we offer basic lodging at a university dormitory (similar to a hostel) with 2 to 3 beds per room. We also offer a single bedroom with breakfast for an extra 15 Euros per night, a shared hotel room with breakfast for an extra 20 Euros per night, a single hotel room with breakfast included for an extra 35 Euros a night.  If you do not require accommodation, then we reduce the cost from the base price by 15 Euros per night.

Yes, that will be no problem.  In our follow-up email, we will ask you about your travel details and if you would like us to book you any extra days in Prague so that you can stay and enjoy the city a bit longer.

Yes, you can.  In our follow-up email, we will ask you if you play any other instruments you would like to perform on as well as your level.  Then, we can make all of the necessary arrangements to assign you to the correct chamber ensembles.

Fees include tuition, basic lodging, breakfasts, tickets to all of the concerts and access to public transport throughout Pague.  Fees do not include the 70 euro registration fee, personal travel expenses, travel or health insurance or dinners.

If you do not plan to stay in Prague for a few extra days, then you should plan on leaving the city on August 9th.  The final concert finishes quite late on August 8th, and participants often enjoy going out together one last time before everyone must go their separate ways.

Yes, you can.  You may register as a passive participant and go to all of the same concerts, attend any rehearsals you would like, and stay in the same accommodations as the musicians.  The only difference is that you will have play in any ensembles, concerts or have any lessons.

After I apply for the festival, what should I do?

You will wait a few days for us to respond back to you via email, where we will ask you a series of questions including any dietary needs, questions about your accommodation, whether or not you will need a rental instrument, etc.