14th Ameropa Solo Master Classes

Saturday, July 14 - Saturday, July 21, 2018
Brandýs nad Labem, Czech Republic

As a most important component of individual development Ameropa offers a week of
Solo Master Classes
for "Ameropa" instruments in dependence on faculty and participants interest.


  • As a most important component of individual development Ameropa offers a week of SOLO MASTERCLASSES for all "Ameropa" instruments.
  • Ameropa Solo Master Classes will be held the week prior to Ameropa Chamber Music Festival and Courses, Saturday, July 14 – Saturday, July 21, 2018.
  • Place: Music school in Brandýs nad Labem, 20 km north-east from the city of Prague. You can reach Prague using public transportation.
  • This program features 5 days of individual lessons with Ameropa faculty.
  • Work intensively on soloist progress and prepare chamber music parts for the following two-weeks chamber course and Ameropa festival concerts.
  • Regularly work with collaborative pianists upgrade substantially professional level of music making individually and with others!
  • The solo week will be opened by faculty concert and closed by concerts of participants in the historical Brandýs Castle.
  • This „solo week“ is drawn up as an additional program to the main Ameropa Chamber Music Program and cannot be applied for separately, without participance in the main chamber festival in Prague. In some special cases we may allow participants to register just for Solo week. Please explain your special situation in the application form.
  • For further information about Ameropa’s Solo Classes Daily Schedule click here »»



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Václav Slivanský    Vratislav Vlna    Miloslav Tengler    Saxton Rose    Markéta Matlasová    Vadim Mazo    Petr Bernášek    Ada Slivanská    Věra Binarová    Streten Jovic    Eduardo del Río Robles    Miroslav Petráš    Kateřina Englichová    Yuri Ananiev    Eliška Novotná    Václav Mácha    Pavlína Senič    Ramona Schulz    Magdaléna Chrzová    Viktória Rampal Dzurenko