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~ Music Studio/Atelier for young artists ~

AMEROPA 2018, 25th edition


Ameropa - Solo Courses

Saturday, July 14 – Saturday, July 7, 2018
Music School F. X. Procházka, Brandýs nad Labem


International Chamber Music
Courses and Festival

Sunday, July 22 - Sunday, July 29, 2018
(possibly till Sunday, August 5, 2018)
Music School Jan Hanuš, Praha 6 - Břevnov

~ Information ~

Ada Slivanská tel.: +420 608 332 830
email: ada @

Ameropa 2017 Youth program performance at Brandýs

Ameropa 2018 - Program for Young Artists

Part of international courses Ameropa is program for students, ages 7 - 14 (born after August 1, 2004). Participation of younger child needs to be consulted individually »»». The program promotes musical and cultural exchanges by involving students from many countries. The Youth Program is designed individually for each children depending on musical and technical experience.

Youth program begins in Brandýs nad Labem during solo week, July 14 - 21. Students are involved in solo program - individual lessons, preparation of the chamber music for following program. International students could be part of social events, sport activities or art program.

In the "chamber" part of Ameropa, held in Prague July 22 - 30 or July 22 - August 5, children are part of the chamber music program. They have a chance to play in several international chamber ensembles and occasionally to play with older students or professionals. Advanced children students could play second week in the orchestra program. Contact us »»» for advice.

Ameropa provides adult supervision for students, accompanying them on transportation to concerts. Furthermore, Ameropa provides supervised housing arrangements for those young students who are not accompanied by a parent or supervisor.

One can register for the Youth Program for any of the weeks, from one week minimum, to all three weeks (Solo at Brandýs plus two weeks in Prague). Applying for chamber week 2 alone (July 30 - August 5) is not possible.


For application please click here: »»»
Deadline for application and payment is April 30, 2018
With questions about program for children please email us at
Ada Slivanska »»», Hana Kadlecová, »»» or Petra Andrýsková »»»

Music Studio/Atelier for young artists

The Music Studio is prepared by Ramona Schulz and Magdalena Chrzová specially for the Youth Program of Ameropa 2018. In Prague, Miloslava Vítková will participate in the Music Studio in the part of choral singing. Teachers' CVs can be found on Ameropa websites »»»

The Music Studio in Brandys nad Labem, a creative program for children under the age of 14, will be held every day in 90-minute blocks. Children will be divided into two groups according to their age. Children in the Music Studio in Brandýs nad Labem will explore together the places where individual arts touch, meet and intertwine each other. Inspired by European fine arts and music, we will look for our own expressive language. We will use all of our skills - movement, speech, singing, playing a musical instrument. Inspiration based on paintings, music, rhythm, dance and language will lead us to unexpected and surprising ways.

The Music Studio in Prague will also be open to all those are interested in choir singing as well as for those who want to continue with creative activities from Brandýs. The content of the week in Prague will be similar to that of Brandys, but it will focus more on choir singing. Studied compositions will be in both languages - Czech and English. We expect the interest of foreign students. The choral parts can be attended by all who like to sing and find time in the program at the time of Music Studio - choral singing. This Music studio is not only for the participants of the Youth Program.

The Music Studio Concerts will take place on Saturdays of each week of the Youth Program:
-21. 7. at 3 pm in the courtyard of Brandýs Castle.
-28. 7. at 10 am in the area of the Convent of Saint Agnes in Prague within the weekend project of the international music festival "Praha, klasika.. / Prague, Classics.." Here the audience will look at the results of the work of the 1st Chamber of America. Here, listeners will be able to see the results of the 1st Chamber Week of Ameropa.

Our meeting is limited by the number of participants. Depending on age and language options, we divide the children into 2 groups. Music Studio groups and art activities will take place in the afternoon and independently so that children can participate in both programs.

Art Studio "25 YEARS of AMEROPA"

The art studio will be held every day of the festival after 90 minutes in the afternoon. As part of the art studio, it is possible to try non-traditional or combined art techniques, which will make children entertained and also enrich and test their skills.

This year's Ameropy is exceptional - the 25th anniversary of the courses. We will also contribute to the celebration of this amazing jubilee with the following art activities:

Not only with children, but also with faculty, we will create Memorial Tree of Ameropa. How? Very easy! On a large canvas we paint a tree with a large number of branches with acrylic paints. Each student and faculty of Ameropa draws, cuts and colors his outline of his own hand according to their ideas. Hands will then be stuck to individual branches like tree leaves. The tree will thus remind this amazing event.

Ameropa medallions will be created by children from ceramic self-drying mass. They will have the shape of different musical instruments. After drying they will be colored with acryl colours. These handmade medallions can be used as original souvenirs for the anniversary of the festival or as a souvenir gift for concert visitors.

Hand-decorated gingerbreads. The third technique will be decorating of small gingerbreads in the shape of hearts and cloverleaves. Inspiration will be Czech national folk motives. Tasty, children-decorated gingerbreads will be offered to visitors as little attention at annual concerts.

Create, play and print beautiful notes

Young people who love their computer and love music would like to write music too. Nowadays, they will definitely be looking forward to learning to write music in the music program "MUSESCORE". This program they can install for free on the home computer. Our faculty will learn the „Musescore“ program - from basic techniques to better control of the program. At the end of the training program, they will receive a performance rating certificate based on a successful test.

   Lesson 1- Create a notation
   Lesson 2- Working with MuseScore program
   Lesson 3- Inserting of notes
   Lesson 4- Input using the MIDI keyboard
   Lesson 5- Other input methods
   Lesson 6- Text, lyrics, and chords
   Lesson 7- Tablature and notation of drums
   Lesson 8- Repetition and conclusion, part 1
   Lesson 9- Repetition and conclusion, part 2
   Lesson 10- Articulation, dynamics and text
   Lesson 11- Layout and parts