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Statement by the artistic director
of the Ameropa International Music Academy, Vadim Mazo

Dear Ameropeans friends and colleagues,

As we all are now realizing, we are going through a very painful and unpredictable era of transition in our lives, especially in the area of Arts and Music. But, it is important to keep in mind and celebrate the other gifts we have, like our health and the health of our families, trust among people from all countries, the connections we gain by grieving with others, and the new educational tools people are using to stay connected and continue growing.

Unfortunately, even scientists and governments can not predict what the future will bring. Global Pandemics during this first cycle and the danger posed to our lives.

I’m not scared or afraid of these tragic events which are going around the world in that or another “tempo” of killing far too many friends and those of who are stopping countless summer festivals around the world! From my personal point of view, and after spending the last four months in China during the pandemic and only 300 miles away from Epicenter, I can say that the global health is VERY unstable, and it will continue being unpredictable for the foreseeable future.

As you all may know, Ameropa is an International Chamber Music Festival and I want to be absolutely sure that as and organization, we do not risk anyone’s health or wellbeing, especially for a festival whose main tool is music, which is in essence communication between people. Musical lives must be saved!

So, from this email, as Ameropa’s founder and artistic director, unfortunately, I must announce from today May 10 2020, that the Ameropa International Festival and Courses will be postponed till the Summer of 2021!

In addition, as one of the managers who is responsible, my position still does not restrict my colleagues and collaborators: Mrs. Ada Slivanská and Mr. Jiří Havlík, Directors of international Festival “Praha, klasika..” to provide opportunities for those who want to be involved with summer learning/performing activities outside of Ameropa.

To be clear, I will not be taking my attention away from the activities related to the present and future of AMEROPA.

Again, to ALL of our Ameropa’s FRIENDS, International and local:

Please take care of your health and your musical endeavors appropriately!

Globally and musically yours,

Vadim Mazo,
Ameropa Founder and Artistic Director
May 10/2020

Statement by the Executive director of the Ameropa International Music Academy Ada Slivanská & director of Summer Orchestral Academy Filarmonietta Praga and the International Music Festival "Prague, Classics.." Jiří Havlík

Within our artistic organizations, we also approach the gradual and responsible renewal of this year's programs and cultural events in accordance with the current release of epidemiological measures in the Czech Republic. The question of the participation of artists, teachers and students from abroad remains open for the time being. We are therefore approaching a certain reduction in the scope of the original program for this year, and we especially invite you who are currently in the Czech Republic or will have a legal opportunity to come and participate in the summer months.

1. Ameropa International Music Academy

Due to the postponement of this year's 27th Ameropa International Chamber Music Academy to next year 2021 due to the current expected absence of foreign students and teachers, the remaining Ameropa programs will not officially use the 27th Ameropa name for this year. Nevertheless, they continue the concept of Ameropa fluently according to the winter official program offer for this year. We perceive this as a fundamental observance of obligations to our past and present students, while maintaining the current government regulations in force in the Czech Republic.

Basic information:

  1. The programs will be carried out according to the original plans:
    - in Brandýs nad Labem from Saturday July 11 to Friday July 17, 2920 (with the possibility of accommodation until Saturday)
    - in Prague from Sunday July 19 to Saturday July 25, 2020 (with the possibility of accommodation until Sunday) .
  2. The time range is therefore shortened by 1 week compared to the original winter plans, and the Prague price is therefore calculated as the original one-week price.
  3. The position of the artistic guarantor of this summer’s Solo Academy, Chamber Music Academy and the Music Youth Program is renowned Czech violin virtuoso Pavel Šporcl.
  4. Our Czech faculty are ready and prepared to teach their and all other students.
  5. All previously completed applications are still valid. We are also taking new applications on the same website (until further notice).
  6. International students and faculty are also welcomed if government regulations permit.
  7. Prices for the courses will stay the same.
  8. Places of the events – schools, concert venues – will stay the same as previously announced.
  9. All concerts will be standardly organized and promoted under the International music festival Prague, Classics.. like in other years.
  10. Possible accommodation is in the original hotels and hostels – price may be changed. We will inform you as soon as we know more details.
  11. The possibility of the original Jazz program, Art lessons and one week Ballet workshop led by the ballet master from the Prague Chamber Ballet Igor Vejsada is open for enrollment, but whether or not these programs will be held will be determined by how many participants register.
*For more details, please see this page below.

2. Summer Orchestral Academy Filarmonietta Praga

PROJECT I, July 27 - August 3, is dedicated to the anniversaries of important classical composers.

Antonio Rosetti - Salve Regina in B-flat Major and E-flat Major

L. van Beethoven - Romance in F Major, Op. 50

Antonio Rosetti - Requiem (for Mozart)

L. van Beethoven - Symphony in C Major No. 1, Op. 21

PROJECT II, August 17 - 24, dedicated to 100th anniversary of the establishment of relations between the Czech Republic and Japan.

Leoš Janáček - Along the Overgrown Path (in collaboration with the Prague Chamber Ballet PChB)

Johannes Brahms - Double Concerto for Violin and Cello in A minor, Op. 102

Antonín Dvořák - Symphonic Poem Holoubek, Op. 110 (again in cooperation with PChB)

Currently, both projects are undergoing a dramaturgical revision with regard to real technical and epidemiological possibilities at the time of their holding. The priority focus is on the Project II (August) with the hope and expectation that the situation will continue to improve in the Czech Republic.

3. International Music Festival

"Praha, klasika.. / Prague, Classics.."

Time frame for all of the festival’s public programmes remains as originally planned, with dates July 12 – August 22, 2020. The festival’s opening will be held at the Courtyard of Brandýs nad Labem castle on July 12 – Gipsy Fire: Pavel Šporcl and his Gipsy Way ensemble in co-operation with the Jiří Vaníček Agency. The festival’s closing program, in cooperation with Prague Chamber Ballet and under official auspice of Japan Embassy in Czech Republic, will be held in the:

- Prague Rudolfinum on Friday August 21

- Cathedral Sedlec (close to Kutná Hora) on Saturday August 22, 2020.

- Festival Epilogue with the same program will be held on Sunday, August 23 in Světce (West Bohemia)

The rest of festival concerts will be subjected to the situation of the educational programs (see above). For the latest concert information, please visit us at the festival website, where you may purchase tickets for all of the performances at our newly opened E-shop.

Thank you very much for your understanding as we are very much looking forward to personally meeting with you at all of our Academy and Festival events.

Mgr. Ada Slivanská
Ameropa executive director and director of non-profit organization „Praha, klasika..“

Mgr. MgA Jiří Havlík
Director of orchestral academy Filarmonietta Praha and of the international music festival „Praha, klasika..“

*Details of the solo and chamber programs:

Due to the already registered participants and the current growing interest, this year's summer activities are as follows:

Solo master classes at the same time as a children's music camp and art program during the original period from 11 to 18 of July 2020 in Brandýs nad Labem. The program, as well as the entire Prague Festival, a Classic .. will open a concert featuring Gipsy Fire with Pavel Šporcl. The participation of the guest ensemble (Gipsy Way Ensemble), the number of spectators at the concert and the hygienic measures taken will be specified according to current government and health regulations. Concerts of teachers and course participants will be held as originally planned - with the possibility of cancelling one of the student concerts on Thursday, July 16. Accommodation is possible, and we can notify those who are interested in its final price as soon as we know more information.

Chamber master classes and chamber program for children July 19 - 26, 2020. In preparation for the reduced number of participants due to the expected non-participation of foreign teachers and students, we have reduced the chamber program to only 1 week, i.e. until July 26. This week will culminate in a program of teachers and students in the Convent of St Agnes of Bohemia. The opening concert on Sunday 19 July with a performance by Pavel Šporcl in the Martinů Hall at HAMU will take place without change. Details and the participation of teachers will be clarified during the next few weeks. Our teachers are ready to help you also during the Prague week with solo classes, due to this year's possible limitations of chamber ensembles.

Details regarding the programs and the development of the situation (accommodation, meals, teacher participation, dates and method of payment) will be updated by May 31st at the latest. We will personally communicate all changes with all those of you who are registered, as well as with the teachers and artists.

Please, if you are interested, do not wait to apply. Your expressed wishes to participate in our summer program and festival concerts will help guide which programs we will hold and which ones we will have to cancel. We are also counting on the situation that the children's program will, to some extent, replace the lack of music lessons during the past period and we will be happy to help your children to replace it in the frame of given possibilities.

In the case, you need to know more information, do not hesitate to contact us in person. »»»
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