24th Ameropa 2017

Li Kaixiang Debbra Wood Schwartz Mingwei Zhao Václav Slivanský, Monika Pecikiewiczová Ada Slivanská Ondřej Kukal
Jitka Adamusová

Master Classes »»»

Saturday, July 15 -
Saturday, July 22, 2017
Brandýs nad Labem

Music Courses »»»

Sunday, July 23 -
Sunday, August 6, 2017
Prague, Czech Republic

Hana Müllerová
Slavomír Hořínka David Ehrlich Vadim Mazo
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Ameropa 2017 - About US

Ameropa was founded in 1993, in Prague, Czech Republic, and from the beginning, the mission had been to create a perfect situation where musicians from many countries, cultures, and ages, can work together as equals, learn from each other, and collaborate in chamber music performances. At Ameropa, professionals, music lovers, and students are welcome to explore the diverse cultures, and spread good, supportive vibrations. The education of younger, talented musicians is an integral part of Ameropa. We have a good number of professional chamber music specialists that can coach all instruments used in chamber music.

  • Program prices include basic hostel lodging with breakfasts at a locations near the Music School. For information visit accommodation page here: »»»
  • Lunches and/or several group complimentary dinners.
  • Group travel expenses in the Czech Republic for the events organized by AMEROPA, during the courses.
  • Reduction 70 € will be provided for early participants (applied until February 28th) and repeated participation on Ameropa.
  • Non-refundable application fee 70 € for each participant will be added to each application.
  • Payment may be made either in USD, €, CZK or its equivalent in other freely exchangeable currencies.
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  • ««« For application click here »»»

    Solo Master Classes
    Brandýs nad Labem, July 15 - July 22, 2017

    The Master Classes take place one week before the Chamber music festival. The location is Brandýs nad Labem, about 20 minutes outside of Prague easily reached by public transportation. During the week, the participants get 5 private lessons, possibility to prepare performance for concert with pianist, plus there are master classes for each instrument. This is a perfect time to concentrate on one’s individual playing, prepare the parts for the coming chamber music festival on the following week, and to elect the players into the orchestra. The Solo week will be opened by a faculty concert, followed guest concert, and closed by two concerts of participants at the historical Brandýs Castle.

  • Active participant price for solo courses is 700 €.
  • Chamber Music Courses and Festival
    General Program Overview
    Prague, July 23 - August 6, 2017

    The Chamber Music Courses, which takes place in Prague during the last week in July and the first week in August, is the central part of Ameropa. Activities take place at the Jan Hanuš Music School, (a short walk from the hostel or hotel), where there are numerous studios, and two concert halls. There are several performance dates, including several outside the school, in some prestigious concert venues in Prague and vicinity in the frame of international music festival "Praha, klasika.. / Prague, Classics.." On several evenings there are master classes, workshops and/or lectures.

    There are several programs taking place simultaneously. Therefore, one can mix several programs. For example: One can choose to participate in up to 3 ensembles where they can get more coachings but have less time to rehearse and/or practice. One can also choose to be in one ensemble plus an orchestral program, or for the more advanced players, there is the Intensive Chamber Music program, where they choose to be in one ensemble and work with more details and depth. The other option is Youth Program for children up to age 14. One can also join the Art Program if interested in drawing. Ameropa also has a special provision for Passive participants. Please read more details below.

    Even though the schedule is very busy, one can find time to visit Prague (one of the most beautiful cities in the world) and enjoy being a tourist for a few hours.

    Chamber Music Program
    Prague, July 23 - August 6, 2017

    All students participate in some form of chamber music. Depending on age and level of playing, one can choose between more or less intensive programs. Most players are placed in more than one ensemble (string quartets, quintets, sextets; piano trios, quartets, quintets; woodwind quintets; mixed ensembles with strings, winds, piano, harp, even including vocal). However, to be accepted to the chamber music program, they must register for the 2 weeks in Prague, since the program does not accept participants for one week. In special cases, you can attend only first week of Ameropa chamber program, please ask for agreement. For detailed information about Chamber music program click here.

  • Chamber program price is 1.390 €.
  • If the combination of solo and chamber programs (3 weeks) are chosen, price is 1.940 €.
  • Price for one week is 780 €. In combination with solo courses, you will pay 1.480 €.
  • Chamber Music Intensive Program
    Prague, July 23 - August 6, 2017

    The strongest players who are experienced in chamber music, are encouraged to participate in the Intensive Program (no extra payments needed), where they receive more (sometime longer as well) coaching daily and rehearse several hours to really develop their ensemble skills and get to know the music very intimately. We recommend to concentrate on one work and to bring it to high level. Sometimes a group learns more than one work, but usually they learn a good part of each and do not complete both. There are performance opportunities. Members of the Intensive Program are encouraged to only participate in that program, in order to maximize their rehearsal and practice time for the ensemble.

    It is best for intensive ensembles to come as a preformed group (even if they just get together for this festival). Participants that know each other and can do good work together usually benefit the most from this program. Otherwise, one can request in the application to be placed in an intensive program, and we will accommodate you only if we can find a very good match. Sometimes we create an ensemble that includes faculty members (often for one movement).

    Admittance of an ensemble to the Intensive Program requires an approval by a faculty committee by April 30. Participants will be informed and music for preparation will be announced. Participants, who will not be accepted, will be placed in another chamber groups and they could decide other activities offered by Ameropa.

  • You will be informed in case, you will be decided for intensive program scholarship, in the beginning of May.
  • Audition requirements: please deliver a recording of 2 movements of contrasting styles, from different works, and different composers (one movement each). Audio or video, to be sent in electronic form via Internet in Ameropa Userarea.
  • Orchestral Academy
    Prague, July 23 - August 7, 2017

    On the field of orchestral playing, Ameropa co-operates with a Summer Orchestral Academy Filarmonietta Praga (SOAFP) www.filarmoniettapraga.cz. In Summer 2017, the Academy offers, within the Ameropa period, 2 program choices, one can choose of them in application.

    1/ Antonín Dvořák – Mass in D Major Op. 86 – first week (rehearsals from July 24, concerts will be Thursday July 27 and Sunday July 30).
    2/ Antonín Dvořák – Symphony No. 6 in D Major, Op. 60, plus symphony poem The Wild Dove, Op. 110 – second week (rehearsals from July 28, performances August 2 and 6).

    A full symphonic orchestra will study Antonin Dvorak works. First week Mass in D Major and second week 6th symphony plus symphony poem The Wild Dove which will be performed in cooperation with Prague Chamber Ballet, in Pavel Smok's choreography. These 2 programs will be leaded by Jiri Havlík, conductor, composer, music organizer and long years member of the Czech Philharmonic orchestra (French horn).

    Rehearsals start right away in the first week in Prague, and lasts until the end, so if one chooses this program, they can have a mix of orchestra and smaller amount of chamber music (so called "mixed studying program").

    In the orchestral programs, there will be several professional players from Czech Philharmonic and other orchestras, who will lead the sections, plus offer sectional rehearsals, in the authentic interpretation in the preferably Czech repertory. For all participants who come from other countries, it should be interesting and beneficial to perform the works of great composers with them.

    Music material are available on request.

  • Prize of the orchestral program, same like mixed studying program, is same like pure chamber music program, 1.390 € for two weeks.
  • Participants, who will participate also in solo courses, will pay 1.940 € for 3 weeks.
  • It is possible to attend only one week of the orchestral programs, first week program 1, second feek program 2. You can combine orchestra and chamber music during each week. For one week program you will pay 780 €.
  • Program for young musicians - Youth Program
    Brandýs nad Labem and Prague, July 15 - July 29 (August 6), 2017

    Part of international courses Ameropa is program for students, ages 6-14. Participation of younger child needs to be consulted individually »»». The program promotes musical and cultural exchanges by involving students from many countries. The Youth Program is designed individually for each children depending on musical and technical experience.

    Youth program begins in Brandýs nad Labem during solo week, July 15 - 22. Students are involved in solo program - individual lessons, preparation of the chamber music for following program. International students could be part of social events, sport activities or art program.

    In the "chamber" part of Ameropa, held in Prague July 23 - 31 or July 23 - August 6, children are part of the chamber music program. They have a chance to play in several international chamber ensembles and occasionally to play with older students or professionals. Advanced children students could play or sing second week in the orchestra program - Ameropa recommends Mozart's Coronation Mass, because that is possible for middle to advanced players. Contact us »»» for advice.

    Ameropa provides adult supervision for students, accompanying them on transportation to concerts. Furthermore, Ameropa provides supervised housing arrangements for those young students who are not accompanied by a parent or supervisor.

    One can register for the Youth Program for any of the weeks, from one-week minimum, to all three weeks (Solo at Brandýs plus two weeks in Prague). Applying for chamber week 2 alone (August 1 - 6) is not possible.

    More information about the program for children you will find here »»»

  • For 2 weeks program, one week in Brandýs and one in Prague, you will pay 1.200 €.
  • The whole chamber music program in Prague costs also 1.200 €.
  • Discount price is for 3 weeks participation, Brandýs solo program and 2 chamber weeks costs 1.650 €.
  • Price for one week program (Brandýs nad Labem, or Prague - fist chamber week) is 600 €
  • Children's parent or chaperon will pay only basic peronal expenses, accommodation, meals and transportation.
  • Ameropa Art Program, paiting and drawing
    Brandýs nad Labem and Prague, July 15 - July 29, 2017

    Ameropa is offering, this year for the 3rd time, Art Course in cooperation with the leading China artist, Xinben Huang. His wife Sumei Yu, an artist herself and their students will come to Czech Republic, to share the traditional methods of Chinese painting, calligraphy and modern oil painting. Most of the work which will be created during Ameropa, some will be exhibit and offered for purchasing.

    This Unique Course is open for Ameropa music students as well.
    It is also possible to apply separately for only this art program.

    The first week in Brandýs, July 15 - July 21 (Sunday – Friday), program will concentrate on the outdoor sketches of buildings and landscape.
    The second week in Prague, July 24 - July 28 (Monday – Friday) will be added the specific plum blossom and bamboo painting, which are the traditional Chinese elements.
    Stay will culminate on Saturday, 29. 7. at a join painting in the convent of St. Agnes of Bohemia, in the center of Prague.

    We truly believe that you will be artistically and educationally satisfied with the spiritual "travel of art" after the course presented by Mr. Xinben Huang.

  • For 2 weeks program, one week in Brandýs and one in Prague, you will pay 1.400 €.
  • Children will pay for 2 weeks program 1.200 €.
  • Price for one week program (Brandýs nad Labem, or Prague - fist chamber week) is 700 €, for children 600 €.
  • Passive Participants

    Parents and other parties interested in seeing the inner workings of Ameropa may register as a Passive Participant for both Solo Week and the Chamber Music Festival. This entitles them to sign up for living arrangements through Ameropa, including meals and transportation. They will be invited to attend all lessons, concerts, and other programs held throughout the programs, but, of course, they cannot sign up as students in any of the classes. Other activities, such as half day trips to Prague and vicinity can be arranged.

    In the case, you need to know more information, do not hesitate to contact us in person. »»»
    ««« For application, click here »»»