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Czech Republic
Ameropa Foundation
The mission of the Ameropa Foundation is to foster musical appreciation and music pedagogy by offering financial assistance to young students via scholarships and travel grants, and by funding musical coaches to teach these students. The Ameropa Foundation views its primary responsibility as maintaining the health and support of the Ameropa Festival. To this end, fund-raising events are held each year. Donors in The Czech Republic, the United States and other countries whose students and faculties attend Ameropa courses and the festival, are requested to support the scholarship fund which enables most students to attend. We are deeply grateful to the Foundation and its Board Members for their tireless efforts in supporting Ameropa. If you would like to make a donation to Ameropa, kindly send it to the Ameropa o. s., Non Profit Organization Tax ID CZ26644819. For more information, contact Ameropa at, or to send your financial support please click here:

Sponsors and donators
Reasons for applying for financial contribution:

A: From tuition fees, Ameropa covers these personal expenses of each participant:
    - One week solo courses with 5 individual lessons;
    - Piano accompaniment possibility;
    - Specialized solo music master classes;
    - 1 faculty concert before solo Ameropa starts;
    - 2 participants concerts after Solo Master classes;
    - 2 weeks chamber music course in Prague with up to 6 lessons daily with faculty;
    - Rehearsal rooms availability (each participant can use a practice room with a piano, shared maximally among four people);
    - Specialized chamber music master classes;
    - Concert opportunities for all participants;
    - Opportunity to enjoy Orchestral Courses Filarmonietta Praga;
    - Free entrance to all AMEROPA and festival Prague, Classics.. concerts;
    - Basic hotel lodging in two bed-rooms with breakfasts;
    - Lunches and/or several group complimentary dinners;
    - Concert trips with possibly castle guided sightseeing;
    - Prague public transportation pass and other group travel expenses;

B: Beside these individual expenses, Ameropa has to cover:
    - Faculty fees;
    - Faculty accommodation;
    - Faculty transportation support (only partly covered expenses);
    - Concert halls rental for 3 concerts during Solo Master classes and 12 concerts (faculty, faculty and participants, participants) during the Chamber Courses;
    - Music library development;
    - Schools rental;
    - Piano rental and tuning;
    - Promotion for Ameropa courses and festival;
    - Promotion for Ameropa concerts;
    - Printing materials;
    - Web designer pay and other web-related expenses;
    - Database and its development;
    - Computer hardware and software;
    - Office stationery, phone, internet, postage;
    - Finance-related costs, taxes, bank expenses;
    - Office and organization staff pay;
    - Librarian;
    - Management fees;
    - Guest artists fee;
    - Director fee;
International music festival Prague, Classics.. 2014 was supported by:
    ČEZ, a.s.
    Nadační fond Martiny a Tomáše Krskových
    Lesy České republiky, s.p.
    Vojenské lesy a statky, s.p.
    Pražská čokoláda, s.r.o.
    TALACKO MUSIC, s.r.o.
    Bärenreiter Praha s.r.o. | hudební nakladatelství | VÁŽNĚ KRÁSNÁ HUDBA
    Vodohospodářský rozvoj a výstavba a.s.
    TELFA | Livispace s.r.o. | OVLÁDNĚTE HOVORY
    Toyota Peugeot Citroën Automobile Czech, s.r.o.
    Daikin Airconditioning Central Europe Czech Republic spol. s r.o. | ZAMILUJTE SE DO KLIMATIZACE
    Vodohospodářský rozvoj a výstavba a.s.
    ZÁMEK BRANDÝS NAD LABEM | Informační centrum Brandýs nad Labem – Stará Boleslav
    Personal contribution of organizers (Ameropa directors);
Currently, Ameropa needs financial support for all items listed in part B. If we are able to take off these entries from participants’ tuition, we will be able to come out with more competitive prices for participants and offer acceptable remuneration for faculties, whom we would like to fully cover accommodation and travel expenses. Please contact us in case, you would like to contribute Ameropa.